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The organization has been in operation since March 2009 and was finally registered with the Register of Society in June 2011.

INSAF can be translated in English as Awareness/Consciousness. Mr Ishak thought of the name after his involvement in various disaster relief missions, to Aceh in January 2005, to Pulau Nias in April of the same year, to Bagh, Pakistan in October 2005 to Jogjakarta in 2006, Sichuan & Gangsu Province, China 2008 and Padang Sumatera Barat, Indonesia 2009.

Other very dedicated members of the committee were also involved in various rescue operations during the Tsunami/Eartquake crises and the others disasters which stuck South-East Asia in 2005/ 2009. Dr. Alvin (Acheh, Pakistan) and Dr. Syawaludin Husin (Acheh, Pulau Nias) Aziz Radin (Pakistan & Padang Sumatera), Dr. Abdul Malik Abdul Gaffor (Acheh, Pakistan, Jogjakarta, Padang Sumatera), Dr. Rodzila Rodi (Padang Sumatera) were volunteers with various Disaster Relief Organizations.