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President's Message




31st of March 2018

Insaf Malaysia 9th anniversary.
Instead of rattling off Insaf Malaysia’s past year achievements, after all everything is very well documented in our website and on our FaceBook page, let me just tell you how proud I am of Insaf Malaysia and everyone involved in it.
Thanks to donors and volunteers alike our work is reaching out to more and more people in need and we also seem to have been able to help the needy in countries outside Malaysia – Nepal and Bangladesh being two examples where our funds have certainly made a difference.
I have to admit that keeping all the projects going, nationally and internationally requires lots of time and money and I am forever willing to put my time into each and every project as long as the donors are willing to put their thrust in me and Insaf Malaysia.
Therefore my main wish and request for the year ahead is to keep the funds flowing in so that we, at Insaf Malaysia can keep donating our time and your funds to those in need. 
Before I conclude let me share with you Insaf Malaysia next project – our very own ambulance. I am proud to say that hopefully by May, Insaf Malaysia Ambulance will be up and running.
My quote for this year – The More you Give the More you Receive. Let’s make it happen!
A big “thank you” to everyone for your invaluable support.

Ishak Abdul Kadir