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President's Message



31st of March 2017

Insaf Malaysia 8th year!

Isn’t that just remarkable?

Reflecting on the past year I can only say that I am extremely grateful to all donors, volunteers and committee members.

We started off our year, which runs from April to March, by helping out with the rebuilding and refurbishing of the Surau Al Falah in Kg. Air Terentang, Dengkil.

Our #tampalrumah Programme, although not as well funded as in previous years, has still managed to produce 15 new houses for “Orang Asal’ recipients in Bukit Tampoi, Air Terentang, Air Kuning, Selangor, and as far afield as Bera and Kuala Lipis, Pahang. We are also happy to announce that all the houses built in the past year are equipped with solar panels and sanitation units. The solar panels are not just eco friendly they are also very useful for the children who will now be able to study and do their homework after sunset. The sanitation units are provided with a water tank, a toilet and a septic tank, making the whole sanitation business a lot more comfortable and hygienic. Part of April and May 2016 were spent installing solar panels in some of the houses previously built by us in Air Kuning and Bukit Unggul, Selangor.

In June 2016 under our Education and Welfare Programme, we at Insaf Malaysia bought “Baju Raya for several Rumah Anak Yatim and provided tuition classes for impoverished children. In July the Food Cluster was kept busy by collecting and distributing bags of rice (#1kampitberas1keluarga) to various schools, orphanages and old folks’ homes.

August 2016 saw the signing of our first MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with a foreign NGO, namely Sabeelul Huda Education Foundation from Bangladesh. As Bangladesh suffered another devastating flood, we were able to send funds through the above mentioned NGO where they were used to buy much needed food and medicines for the inhabitants of the affected areas. The food deliveries continued all through August and September and the donation were also used for the buying of meat under our Ibadan Korban Program.

In October I went back to Gorkha to visit the area badly affected by the earthquake of previous year, the reason for my visit was simply to see Shree Bal Mandir Secondary School and to confirm with the headmaster that Insaf Malaysia had raised enough capital to rebuild an eight classroom building to replace the one destroyed by the earthquake. After my visit we set about working hard with a local engineering firm to produce a 3D/animated model of the building and also to prepare the structural drawings and specifications for building. We are hoping to select a contractor very shortly and hopefully the new building should be finished by November 2017. We are very happy and proud to be able to fulfill our promise made to the pupils of Shree Bal Mandir Secondary School!

While visiting the schools in the district I noticed that lots of other schools had no desks or chairs so in December we sent some funds to Shree Dharmawati Secondary school for the purchase of 80 desks and chairs. A gift greatly appreciated by pupils and teachers alike.

The beginning of 2017 started in earnest with a campaign aimed to collect funds for the displaced Rohingyas in Bangladesh. All funds are used for food and medicines. While on the domestic front we continue in earnest with our #tampalrumah, our Food Programme and our Welfare Programme.

As we speak, under our Medical Cluster we are preparing a campaign to inform women of lower income households about the importance of cervical cancer and its prevention.

We are always happy to keep busy by helping the needy. If you want to help too just join us!

Ishak Abdul Kadir