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Building Schools



















In the aftermath of the Nepalese earthquake we were told that many schools had collapsed or had been very badly damaged, a fact which was witnessed by our president on his second visit to Nepal in 2016. On his return we immediately set out to collect funds in order to help with the reconstruction or repairs of some schools in the areas badly hit by the quake. It took a while to collect the necessary funds but by late 2017 we had enough to start with our first school (Shree Birendra Primary School in Kakani, VDC 8 Bhotubalthok) which was completed on the 1st of March 2018. The second school we embarked on (Shree Mallavi Devi School, Sarsuynkharka -3, Lamaguan, Kavrepalanchok) needed to be made earthquake proof so it was basically rebuilt and was completed just few days ago. But the work in Nepal isn’t over, our third school has already been identified and repair work will commence shortly.




After our involvement with school rebuilding in Nepal we were approached by a Bangladeshi organization which needed help with the construction of a school for girls. We collected funds for the project and little by little the school (Darut Tarbiyah Girls School) began to take shape. The construction is now completed and the painting of the building will be the next step before the official opening of the school.